Indoguna Productions FZCO is the first-class gourmet purveyor in Dubai. Its halal food manufacturing plant boasts the highest standards in food hygiene and food quality standards. Based in Jebel Ali, Indoguna Productions aims to be the market leader internationally in producing an exciting range of Halal food product under the brands Carne Meats by Indoguna, Masterpiece by Indoguna and Arlene. Under these brands, customers are assured to receive each and every time consistent food products that will entice and delight. The vision is to be recognized as the finest and most innovative Halal convenience food producer with exceptional service internationally.


Indoguna Productions FZCO
Jafza South, Jebel Ali
PO box 61142 / Dubai
United Arab Emirates







Be the finest and most innovative Halal convenience food producer with exceptional service internationally

Carne Meats

The Carne Meats butchery and charcuterie products are handcrafted works of art, painstakingly prepared and exquisite in taste. We take pride in the fact that our wide variety of butchery and charcuterie products are made from high quality fresh ingredients, selected daily by our team who ensure our products satisfy and exceed the expectations of our discerning customers. We guarantee superior freshness, quality and flavour by sticking to one simple rule; all our products are made from 100% natural meats. No amount of protein fillers, artificial colours or flavourings are added. Subcategory: Sausage / cured, cooked / cured fermented / specialty / cold cut / butchery 


Masterpiece dim sum and our ready-to-use products boast high-quality creations of an artisan’s passion. Combining the best ingredients in well-tested formulas of exact proportions with quality-controlled production processes. The result is a range that brings inspirations to titillate and satisfy each taste and palate. Whether it is a dumpling, a pau or spring roll, we take pride in our craft and deliver an unparalleled range of premium, flavourful yet convenient dim sum and ready to use products promised to delight. Our products are, literally Masterpieces in their own league. Subcategory: Dim sum/ Mantou /Pau /Sweet Pau/ Spring Roll


The convenience food products under the brand, “Arlene”, is innovative, handcrafted and artisanal. We take pride in manufacturing only with carefully selected fresh and wholesome ingredients of the highest quality, and continuously create delightful international tasty foods to indulge and delight. We are committed to only producing the very best products, i.e. no protein fillers, no MSG, no artificial flavours or colouring are added.

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